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Madrid: Tel.(+34)626407727
Valencia: Tel.(+34)689364545

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Contact Us:
Send us an e-mail to:
or call us at (+34)670 73 18 35

Our Area of Influence: We aim to deliver free of any transport charges to all addresses in Barcelona, Madrid* and Valencia. However the delivery service might be broadend to all Spain (with exception of the Canary Island, Ceuta and Melilla) with some additional transport costs.
Babytravelling delivers and picks up material at the address you indicate us.
* Please, consider Madrid as all those addresses within the M30 motorwayPlease bear in mind that deliveries/pick ups in Madrid free or with resticted transit areas the service needs to be done in an address outside these area, otherwise service service might be charged with some additional delivery/pick up cost.

Our Opening Hours: We have a 24 hours 7 days a week delivery service in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.
from Moday to Friday from 07:00h to 21:00, free of charges.

Other charges: 6 to 15 euros for urgent orders, weekends, deliveries and pick ups from 21:00 a 09:00, or assembly of wooden cot.
Urgent Orders (delivery in less than 24hours since you place your order) you should allow at least 1h30min before the equipment can be delivered.
Modifications in your order or cancellations are charged with 30euros.

Some Information of your Interest:
Material will be delivered in perfect hygienic and working conditions.
Our renting periods last 24 hours. This means, if you rent us, for example a stroller on Wednesday at 19:00 and we pick it up on Thursday at 19:00 this will count as 1 day and instead of 2 days.
Our insurance does not allow us to install car seats, however we can show you how to do it.


Place an Order with Babytravelling: it is easy and fast, we will now explain you how to place an order step by step. Nontheless, Babytravelling is a flexible company and therefore we will offer you different proposal that best adjust to your needs. Just, explain us IN WHICH SITUATION YOU ARE .

1.- Order and its Confirmation: Contact Us. Send us an e-mail to or call us at (+34)670 73 18 35.

2.- Please indicate the following:
Babytravellingo Product/s and its/their code/s
Babytravellingo Number of articles require
Babytravellingo Renting Period
Babytravellingo Place and Time to be delivered and picked up
Babytravellingo Contact Telephone / Contact Telephone in Spain
Babytravellingo Any other doubt or suggestion.

3.- Babytravelling will in maximum 48 hours inform:

Babytravellingo Product Availability.
Babytravellingo Price (including other additional costs as, transport, outside our opening hours delivery/pick up service, and/or immediate orders cost)
Babytravellingo Order Number
Babytravellingo Deposit Amount

4.- You can now confirm your order. Babytravelling will in maximum 48 hours make firm your reservation .

5.- Delivery Service: Babytravelling will deliver the equipment at the place and hour previously agreed.

Babytravelling- Babytravelling will deliver:
Babytravellingo Product/s
Babytravellingo Product/s Instructions
Babytravellingo Delivery Note
Babytravellingo Deposit Document
Babytravellingo Other Interesting Documents
Babytravelling- You will have to give us:
Babytravellingo Deposit (it can be via credit card or cash).
Babytravellingo The payment of the service occurs at the end of the renting period.
Babytravelling- We will also confirm pick up date and place.

6.- During the renting period: Contact us for any doubt or suggestion.
7.- Pick Up Service: The pick up service will be at the place and hour previously agreed. Please remember to give back to us any accessory delivered with the product/s as well as the product/s instructions.
8.- Payment occurs at the end of the renting period and it can be done either by credit card or in cash.
9.- The Deposit is paid back once the renting period has expired and provided the equipment is returned to us on the last date of the renting period in the same condition as you received it (with reasonable allowance for wear and tear).


If you wish to rent some baby equipment outside Barcelona, below we explain you our proposal:

Delivery / Pick Up to an Individual outside Barcelona: Babytravelling will soon open offices outside Barcelona, meanwhile the equipment is sent anywhere in Spain (with exception of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla) with a transport company. In order to be able to offer you the best service, we may ask you to proceed as follows:

Babytravellingo Make your Reservation as soon as possible. This will help us offer you the service that best fits your needs at the lower possible cost.
Babytravellingo Try to choose Deliveries / Pick Up dates preferably from Monday to Friday
Babytravellingo If possible a round the hour Delivery / Pick Up: we can deliver the equipment at the real state agency, at a friend's place or anywhere you tell us to.
Babytravellingo In order to make Payment easier, this should be done in advanced via bank transfer.
Babytravellingo Deposit: please fax us a photocopy of your credit card and your Passport details to the following number: +34 93 7500877. The delivery documents will enclose a deposit document which needs to be filled up and returned at the end of the renting period.

If for any reason we will not meet you at the Delivery or Pick Up moment (a third party, like hotel reception or apartment clerk) we can leave the equipment at the accommodation you are going to lodge in. Just let us know and we will arrange everything for you.

Hotels, Tour Operators, Mulitinational Companies, Events Organization Companies or any other company interested in our renting service do not hesitate to contact us. We have personalized solutions to fit your requests.

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